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Reviews From Real People...

Have you seen a toy that caught your eye, but you just don’t know if it’s worth the cost? Maybe you heard about a new lube or cream, but you don’t know if it works as advertised. If you’re looking for new things to check out, or honest opinions from someone that doesn’t get paid to convince you to buy a product, take a look at these reviews! If we love it, we’ll tell you why. If it doesn’t quite live up to our expectations, we’ll let you know! 

Check out XXXPlayToys Reviews, and find out what real experiences people have had with some pretty amazing toys!

What You'll Find...

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While there is a lot of information, we want you to enjoy our reviews! Grab your popcorn and come join the fun. We laugh at ourselves quite often, you may as well too! We love sex, and everything to do with it. With that in mind, we want you to have all the highlights so you can judge for yourself if something will work for you! We could bore you with specs and pictures alone, but where’s the fun in that? Sex should be fun, whether you’re researching toys or actually using them.

What Makes Our Reviews Different?

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Well, we already know I’m pretty damn funny…so there’s that. But how many reviews have you gotten from both a male and female perspective? Yeah, me neither. We want you to have the full picture of what you can expect from the products we’ve tried!