Choose a smooth leather back or soft suede!

Contrasting color options make this a fun accessory for play time!

red cuffs

Red and black stamped cuffs can be made to fit your wrists or ankles! The buckle style makes it adjustable for the perfect fit.


Customize your choker with colors, stamping, and add-ons. Check out the spikes on this one! It turned out beautiful!

Simple patterns with a D-ring plate and an attached O-ring can still be customized and coordinated to match your set of leather cuffs.

Lower Harness

Belts and Lower Harnesses can be customized to match your cuffs and chokers! These are easily adjustable via the belt attachments at the waist and both pieces at the legs, so that it fits as comfortably as possible.

Upper Harness

The Upper Harness can be matched to the rest of your gear, with options for leather and hardware color.