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What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What Makes You Feel Sexy?

Feel Sexy

What makes you feel sexy? Is it that lingerie you got for a special night? Dressing up for a night out in a dress that shows off your favorite features? Or maybe it’s a simple as trying new things to spice up your relationship…a new toy perhaps, or a surprise warm oil massage? 

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Feeling Sexy

For me, many of those things are a fun way to feel good about myself. Like everyone else, I’m constantly busy with work or family responsibilities, and it’s often hard to remember to focus on spending that extra time to dress myself up or remember to charge toys I enjoy using. When I do though, I feel sexy, I enjoy the results of the efforts when my husband is thrilled to come home to see me waiting for him with my hair and makeup on, and in my favorite corset and fishnet stockings paired with some rather high-heeled boots. 

What about trying new things?

What about trying new things? I like that as well! I love checking out new toys that never would have occurred to me. I don’t always end up liking them, but I’ve found quite a few that did all they claimed to, and we enjoy the added experience they bring for those fun nights we get to use them! I wouldn’t say I’m especially experimental, but over the years I’ve tried quite a few things, and we’ve had a lot of fun finding out what we both enjoy. Sometimes, stepping outside of your comfort zone leads to some awesome discoveries, and who doesn’t enjoy that?! I think finding things that bring a little something extra, a little excitement to life is always a bonus! 

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