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Quality vs. Cheaper Sex Toys

Quality vs Cheaper Sex Toys

Quality vs Cheaper Sex Toys, which one is better? How do we decide what to buy? Expense plays a role, no doubt about it. But there’s a trade-off, and that can’t be ignored. When I first started using sex toys and things like that, I couldn’t imagine spending $100 on a toy. Trying to figure out how on earth I could justify $30 on a cheap one when I had so many other bills was stressful. My first toy, if memory serves, was a really cheap vibrator, and I don’t really remember it, so clearly it wasn’t that impressive! I remember that it required batteries, and just about the time I started getting into it, the damn batteries died. The vibrator was a hard plastic, with no flexibility. I’m sure it was something similar to this. If I got it in the just right position I could get off using it, but not always. Way to ruin a good orgasm, hmm?

They're Charging What?!

The same holds true for the stuff I make. I could, and have bought cheap handcuffs, masks, and the like. Because that’s all I’d tried, I figured they were essentially the same thing. 
Then I started doing leatherworking. I didn’t start out with BDSM stuff, I actually started with purses and bags, with a few wallets thrown in. It occurred to me that I could make my own restraints! I was at the local sex store and saw what they were charging. Now that I knew what to look for, I couldn’t believe what they were charging. Nearly $100 for a machine-sewn basic set of cuffs? They looked like they would make it about as long as the ones I’d tried before, made from materials like synthetic fur (I guess that’s what it was) and pleather.

You can see from the pictures on the left and right how those look after maybe 3 or 4 uses. I spent roughly $60 on those. The middle picture shows what I make, and while I do charge $75/set, these aren’t going to fall apart on you! So the question is, which is the better option? 

Cheap fabric restraints
Handmade Leather Restraints

So What's The Answer?

My answer (while it may not be the same as yours), is the quality ones. Now I’m not trying to convince anyone to buy my stuff (but I won’t turn down a sale either LOL). I think it’s worth it to spend a little more once, rather than having to buy replacements over and over until you get tired of bothering with it. If I had bought a higher quality sex toy or restraints right off, I think my experiences would have been different. Rather than having a vibrator that sort of got me off, I might have really enjoyed sex toys a lot sooner! Had I gotten some decent-quality handcuffs, I may not have broken them in the first few uses.

For the record, that totally wasn’t my fault! When things get really exciting and intense, I don’t know my own strength apparently. I believe the first time I broke a set of cuffs, I was tied up to the headboard. They were some sort of fuzzy material and had a long “rope” that you could tie to things. I think fairly early into the night I tensed up and pulled suddenly, only to hear a tearing sound. Sure enough, they had to be thrown away. 

Small Business Purchases or Chain Stores?

Again, I’m not pushing anyone to buy from me. Not everyone will like what I have to offer for sale, and that’s absolutely fine! It’s worth supporting small businesses if they do offer what you like! Rather than impersonal transactions, you’ll get more personalized attention. You’ll often find the owners will go the extra mile to make you glad you purchased from them. We WANT you to be happy with your purchase, and it makes us happy when you love our products. 

By all means, don’t spend money you don’t have on this stuff. I get having to use your money wisely and being on a budget with bills. Adulting sucks sometimes. But if you’re planning to invest in things like this, plan it! Don’t buy the first cheap thing you see and hope it works. It’s not likely to live up to your expectations, and you can’t get a refund. You can’t take a set of handcuffs back to the sex store if they’re too small, they don’t know what you’ve gotten on those! If you can research and plan for it, you’ll find some pretty cool stuff out there that will be more likely to give you as much pleasure as you’re hoping for.  

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